Andrew Mitchell takes temperature at Good Hope

21st January 2015

Sutton’s MP Andrew Mitchell and Richard Parker, Managing Director of Good Hope Hospital, have discussed the pressures facing the Hospital following widespread media coverage of the strain on hospitals across the country over recent weeks.

Andrew Mitchell was reassured that, in spite of increased pressure as a result of the time of year, the measures that the Hospital has put in place are so far meeting the challenges successfully. He did make clear that he would be keeping a close eye on the ongoing performance of the Hospital, and that the safety and comfort of those served by Good Hope Hospital should remain the absolute priority. Richard Parker gave assurances that this was foremost in the minds of the Hospital management, and gave further details about contingency plans in the case of ongoing pressure.

Mr Mitchell said “I will be working closely with the Hospital to ensure that standards are maintained despite the very busy time the Hospital is seeing at the moment, so that patients will receive an excellent service from Good Hope. I will continue to monitor the situation closely”.