Andrew Mitchell urges Sixth Formers to vote in upcoming General Election

20th February 2015

Sutton’s MP visited Plantsbrook School last week to address the Sixth Form in their morning assembly. Following a week where they had been discussing the importance of participating in politics, their local MP talked to them about the importance of voting, and of taking an interest in national and international politics.

Mr Mitchell gave an overview of the work that he does on behalf of Sutton in Westminster, discussing issues of local importance before moving on to talk about the role the UK needs to play in the fight against ISIS. He then took questions from the students about a range of subjects.

Mr Mitchell was then given a tour of the school by some students, observing a number of different classes being taught and taking the opportunity to wish students luck before their upcoming exams.

He then met with a group of students to discuss issues that they wished to raise with their local MP, ranging from the key differences between the main political parties to the developing threat of extremism across the Middle East.

Andrew Mitchell said “I have been impressed by the level of interest and thoughtfulness with which students at Plantsbrook have approached many of the important issues facing us today. Teachers have clearly made a big effort to engage students in national and international politics, and their efforts are very evidently paying off”.