Andrew Mitchell visits Holy Cross Primary School

20th January 2016

The Royal Town’s MP visited year 6 students at Holy Cross Primary School to conclude the School’s celebration of Kindness Week.

Mr Mitchell was greeted by an enthusiastic group of students who had taken on the role of the School Principal to lead the morning assembly. The teachers had been substituted by the pupils and presented the assembly to their peers and their Member of Parliament.

Mr Mitchell explained his duties and responsibilities as their Member of Parliament and shared some wisdom on the topic of kindness. He then took questions from a wide range of topics from the eager students, sharing great examples of what activities they had undertaken during Kindness Week and explaining what values they had learnt from it all.

Following the assembly the classes distributed weekly angels, awarded to the kindest and most helpful students of the class. Before concluding his visit, Mr Mitchell chatted with year 4 students who showed great interest in the role and the job of their MP.

Mr Mitchell MP said, “I very much enjoyed my visit to Holy Cross School during Kindness Week.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP addressing Friday morning assembly to Holy Cross pupils.