Andrew Mitchell visits Minworth Sewage Plant

29th October 2016

Andrew Mitchell MP has visited the Severn Trent Water award winning Sewage Treatment Plant in Minworth for a tour of the specialist facilities and to find out more about its renewable energy projects. They met with the Site Manager, Ross Stokes andChaminda Eratne, Head of Business Information. He was accompanied by Councillor Alex Yip.

The gas-to-grid plant, the biggest of its kind in the UK, converts bio-gas into bio-methane which is then injected into the National Gas Grid and the Company’s innovative and increasing focus on renewable energy was recognised by an award at the Climate Week Awards.

The Sewage Treatment Plant is used to produce most of Severn Trent Water’s renewable energy and for the second successive year renewable energy provided almost one quarter of the electricity used by the Company. Effectively they are subsidising their own operation with the use of their renewable energy and making profit by offering a domestic gas supply and customers benefit from these cost savings.

Following his visit and tour Mr Mitchell said “Climate change is one of the most serious long-term economic threats that this country and the world faces. I was impressed with the leading role Severn Trent Water has taken towards building a new, clean energy infrastructure that is appropriate for the 21st century, based around renewables.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Councillor Alex Yip andRoss Stokes and Chaminda Eratne',