Andrew Mitchell vows that the Government will deliver for Sutton Coldfield in 2016

20th January 2016

In his new year message to his constituents Andrew Mitchell has said his focus in 2016 will be to ensure that Government delivers in all areas for Royal Sutton Coldfield.

In a whole series of areas I want to see Sutton’s best interests secured and developed. That means keeping our Town safe while supporting the basic principles of individual liberty.

That means protecting our local environment and stopping the outrageous plans to build 6000 new homes on our Green Belt.

It means continuing the excellent local employment record, supporting the growth of small businesses and pursuing the complete elimination of youth unemployment throughout Sutton Coldfield.

It means supporting Good Hope and all our local health services and especially mental health.

This is the year in which we must save our Town Hall and set it on a secure footing for its future.

It is also the year we will see the setting up of our Royal Town Council and we must ensure that it does not become an expensive talking shop which achieves little but rather ensure that it delivers valuable local services at excellent value for money.

More widely, it means Britain continuing its leadership role in ending the curse of international poverty, conflict and corruption and making progress on the catastrophe which is Syria and the Middle East today.

I want to wish all my constituents throughout the Royal Town a happy, peaceful and healthy 2016.