Britain needs to leave the EU

2nd April 2019
Andrew Mitchell MP at the Conservative Association AGM

Delivering a speech at the Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association Annual General Meeting, Andrew Mitchell MP said he believes that “Britain needs to leave the EU and move on.”

The Annual General Meeting was held at the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Hall on Friday 22 March 2019.

Andrew Mitchell has praised the atmosphere of respect which has characterised internal debates on Europe within the Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association since the debate on the referendum in the Town Hall took place in 2016.

Speaking at this year’s annual general meeting, Andrew paid tribute to the decency and good sense of the Sutton Conservatives for not descending into the rancour and division that has characterised many other Conservative Associations. 

Andrew Mitchell said:

“I voted against the deal in January because I did not believe it was in the best interests of my constituents. But I will now support it because I have concluded that for our Royal Town it is the least worst option. I remain extremely concerned that when it comes to the political declaration and the trade negotiations, Britain is going to be in an extremely weak position and serious thought will have to be given to this when and if Parliament agrees to Mrs May’s deal.” 

Andrew Mitchell also made clear that he would be supporting Parliament having a say in the options that lie ahead as a means of breaking the deadlock and moving the debate forward. 

Andrew Mitchell continued:

“Above all, my constituents want this matter put to bed so that we can get on with the important business of improving our public services and spreading opportunity widely throughout society.” 

At the annual meeting, the following Royal Town men and women were elected as Officers to serve for the next year:

  • Chairman - Christopher Ives
  • President - Ewan Mackey
  • Deputy Chairman Campaigning - Jane Mosson
  • Deputy Chairman Membership - Nitish Raut
  • Treasurer - Andrew Baldwin
  • Political Officer - Alex Yip
  • Fundraising Officer - Margaret Waddington MBE

Photo: The newly elected officers with the Member of Parliament, Leader of the Town Council - Simon Ward. And the newly appointed Sutton Coldfield conservative agent Liam Abrahams.