23rd August 2019

Andrew Mitchell MP has shown his support for local bus services and backed calls for a National Bus Strategy to complement the HS2 £20 million investment in Royal Sutton Coldfield’s transport interchange.

Our local MP supported the call along with other MPs, many of whom attended an event last month hosted by Campaign for Better Transport. Pressure is increasing on the Government to introduce a national strategy to support local buses, that would cut air pollution, tackle loneliness and drive economic growth.

Andrew Mitchell, said:

“Buses are vital to many people in our Royal Town, connecting them to work, college, shops, and friends and family. They have great potential to reduce congestion on our roads and clean up our air, as well as helping us meet greenhouse gas emissions targets. But fully to realise this potential we need a National Bus Strategy, backed by central Government support, giving operators the reassurance they need to grow and develop services.”

Darren Shirley, Chief Executive of Campaign for Better Transport, said:

“Buses are the backbone of our public transport network and communities across the country rely on them. They help communities to thrive socially and economically and are key to tackling air pollution and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“We are calling on the Government to introduce a National Bus Strategy that will make clear how passenger numbers can be increased and services supported and developed. We’ve seen today that MPs up and down the country agree on the need for a National Bus Strategy; we welcome their support for this issue which is important to so many people.”

The event marked the launch of renewed calls for the Government do more to support bus services by introducing a National Bus Strategy, and follows similar recommendations by the Transport Select Committee. As the most used form of public transport - three in every five journeys are made by bus - a

National Bus Strategy would ensure the Government focuses on protecting and improving bus services across the country, as well as making adequate funding and support available.