Conservative Conference Strikes Right Note for Royal Sutton Coldfield

9th October 2015

Andrew Mitchell, Royal Sutton’s Member of Parliament, has praised the Conservative Party Conference this week in Manchester as “hitting the right note” in Royal Sutton Coldfield. In his speech the PM outlined the Conservative Plan, making this a defining era for our country and pledging to build a “Greater Britain”.

Andrew Mitchell said: “The Prime Minister reasserted his desire to focus on tackling the deep problems in society, be it by improving the outcomes of care-leavers, reducing re-offending rates or ensuring that black, Asian, female or gay does not mean that you will be treated differently from anyone else. This demonstrates the modern and compassionate nature of the Conservative Party, whose primary focus is to build a society of opportunity at its heart and where people know that if they work hard, they really can succeed. A Greater Britain will support the vulnerable and help those who do the right thing get on in life.”

Many in our Royal Town will have followed announcements about affordable housing with great interest. Sutton’s MP Andrew Mitchell has strongly advocated for many years that people should not have to move away from their families and where they grew up because they cannot afford to live here.

Andrew Mitchell said: “At the Conference, the Prime Minister announced a major boost to affordable home ownership, so that more people can have a home of their own. Building more homes, but building them in the right place is now a top priority for our Government.”