Cottage Hospital

23rd September 2019
Andrew Mitchell MP holds meeting on Royal Sutton Coldfield Cottage Hospital.

Andrew Mitchell MP has held a further meeting with Richard Kirby, Chief Executive of Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, to update progress on the future development of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Cottage Hospital.

Andrew has been a longstanding champion for a fresh approach for the use of the cottage hospital. In recent years he has campaigned to ensure that the hospital is fit for the future and able to provide community care services to help keep local people, particularly older folk, out of secondary and residential care and more empowered to live independent lives in their own homes for longer.

Plans for the cottage hospital are proceeding well, in particular two current surveys are being undertaken and are expected to be completed by December. The first is a full examination of the fabric of the building which is more than one hundred years old. The second survey is designed to identify the changes internally and externally that would be required for the next phase of the cottage hospital’s life.

During the meeting, discussion also took place about the need for transport and parking solutions that reflect the likely user cohort.

Following the meeting, Andrew said:

“I had a productive meeting with Richard to discuss the future development of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Cottage Hospital, which has delivered health services for our community for more than a century.

I am determined that our town’s community hospital has a really valuable future contribution to make to future healthcare, in particular ensuring that it can provide ‘walk-in’ services especially for older folk. This has two eminently beneficial consequences, first that people can remain in their own homes instead of residential care and secondly that it will take the pressure off far more expensive secondary care.

I am pleased that a timetable is being put in place which should see new services coming into being within twelve months. I plan to have further meetings in the intervening months to help ensure that this vision is delivered to the great benefit of our Royal Town.”