Debaters visit Parliament

15th July 2019

Following on from this year’s Inter-Schools Debating competition, students who took part were invited by the Royal Town’s MP, Andrew Mitchell, to the Houses of Parliament as a celebration of the annual event.

The students, from across the Royal Town’s secondary schools, had a full tour of the Houses of Parliament and then enjoyed a lunch with their local MP, which included a Q&A session. The most popular topic proved to be Brexit, as well as questions around Andrew’s entry in to politics and the Conservative Party leadership contest.

Afterwards, the students watched the Speaker’s Procession, and then took their seats in the public gallery of the House of Commons to watch Questions to the Secretary of State for Defence.

Andrew Mitchell MP said after the visit:

“It was a pleasure to host 16 distinguished Royal Town debaters from all of our schools here in the Royal Town.

“I always look forward to welcoming the debaters to the House of Commons and it is heartening to see young people so engaged with the political process.”  

Andrew Mitchell MP alongside this year’s Inter-School Debaters