Dereliction on Brassington Avenue must be tackled

14th September 2016

Town’s MP tells Andy Street, Chair of Birmingham’s Local Enterprise Partnership that significant dereliction on Brassington Avenue must be tackled.

Andrew Mitchell MP and the Chair of the Greater Birmingham andSolihull Local Enterprise Partnership, Andy Street, have visited Brassington Avenue to discuss ways of making the derelict sight more attractive for future development.

The site has been derelict for more than 15 years and Andrew Mitchell took Andy Street on a personal visit because of his deep concern that the sight is effectively blighted. The Town’s MP believes that further consideration to moving the road nearer to the railway line – a proposal he first made to Birmingham City Council 5 years ago- needs urgent review and reenergising.

Andrew Mitchell told Andy Street that the failure to grip and develop the site in a way that works for the Town was an embarrassment and a disgrace.

During the meeting and site visit to Brassington Avenue, Mr Mitchell and Mr Street discussed the possibility of moving the road closer to the railway line in order to incorporate the area into Sutton’s town centre which has been much assisted recently by the efforts of Sutton’s Business Improvement District.

Following their meeting, Mr Mitchell said, “We had a frank and fruitful discussion about the possibilities of how the site could be developed and I will continue to explore potential opportunities for sustainable investment into this critical central area.”

He continued, “The changes of ownership and delay may work for developers but they do not work for our Town.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP and Andy Street at the Brassington Avenue site