Fire Service Open Day

8th October 2018

Accompanied by a yellow dragon Andrew Mitchell MP officially opened the Sutton Coldfield Police & Fire Stations’ Community Open Day which was also attended by the Royal Town Mayor, Deputy Royal Town Mayor and several local Councillors.

Sutton’s Fire Service Open Days give the public an insight into the varied work of a modern-day firefighter and fire and rescue service.  Their fire safety and other prevention work (e.g. in schools and the wider community); protection work, helping businesses to stay in business and to keep their staff safe by avoiding fires and other incidents and the 999 emergency response work, and 5-minute attendance standard for serious incidents where life or property are in danger. 

Our Royal Town’s Fire Service feel that the open days play an important part in their work keeping the local community safe. They are a fantastic way of meeting local residents and businesses, with whom our firefighters might not otherwise have contact.  The fire crews share a wealth of safety information that people can pass on to their families and friends. 

The event brought together between 1500 and 2000 people from the Royal Town with internal and external stakeholders providing informative, educational and fun activities for all members of the community. 

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “It was a great pleasure to open the Royal Sutton Fire Station annual fete and to have the opportunity to thank the local Fire Service for all their outstanding work on fire prevention as well as keeping us safe in emergencies. It was also my pleasure to welcome the many local Sutton Coldfield groups who do so much to support important causes throughout our Town”.

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP opens Royal Sutton Fire Station annual Fete 

Andrew Mitchell MP opens Royal Sutton Fire Station annual Fete