Langley Development

23rd January 2020

Andrew Mitchell MP has met the principal landowner behind the Langley development to discuss progress on the scheme and to ensure the wider interests of the Royal Town are taken into consideration.

Andrew receives regular updates from the developers but was keen to hold a face to face meeting to ensure that the voice of the local community is clearly represented and heard loudly by the team behind the development.

Andrew is working with Sutton Coldfield Town Council and Birmingham City Council to ensure that local interests are fully considered. Birmingham City Councillor Ken Wood has specific local responsibilities relating to planning as the local Councillor for Sutton Walmley & Minworth Ward and, along with fellow Cllr David Barrie, is in regular correspondence with the development team and relevant local groups.

The Town Council is heavily involved with all aspects of the development including elements relating to transport infrastructure which also fall under the remit of the West Midlands Mayor Andy Street.

Commenting Andrew Mitchell MP said: “I have been clear that the Langley developers must consider local interests in their planning application. It is vital that the right infrastructure is in place to support residents. I will continue to raise concerns from residents directly with the developers as the project progresses.”

Cllr Ken Wood added "we will be working to ensure that both the developers and Birmingham City Council adhere to the laid down planning guidelines that will be vital to the success of the development "

Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP