Letter to the Norman Laud Association

8th December 2020

Dear Elaine and Neil

We are urgently calling on the current board of trustees and the CEO of the Norman Laud Association to reconsider their decision to close. We are incredibly concerned about the welfare of the many service users and families who depend on the service, the lack of adequate appropriate alternative respite care provision of the level which this charity provides, and we are deeply concerned at the speed with which the decision appears to have been taken and carried out.

In only a matter of weeks without prior notification to the local MP, ward Councillor, Birmingham City Council or parents and users, the Charity appears to have taken a rapid and determined approach to wind up this charity of 59 years in Sutton Wylde Green. And even a request by Birmingham City Council to delay the closure to March 2021 was also not accepted by the NLA.

We urge trustees and the CEO to be mindful of their responsibilities to hold in trust the service for future generations, to properly explore all options to keep the service open, and their requirement to fulfil their charitable obligations.

We are calling for an urgent intervention from the Charities Commission so that the process and reasoning can be properly assessed, and the multiple concerns of residents, parents and users into the decision making and rationale investigated, and a stay of the decision to close to enable proper time to properly consider all available current and future options which scarcely seems possible in such an expedited time scale.

Yours sincerely


Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP (Sutton Coldfield)

Cllr Alex Yip JP, Shadow Cabinet Member Childrens Wellbeing (Sutton Wylde Green Ward)

Jack Dromey MP (Birmingham, Erdington)