Local MP meets Civic Society to walk the Sutton Coldfield town centre trail!

5th August 2011

Andrew Mitchell MP has met with members of the Sutton Coldfield Civic Society to walk the route of their new town centre trail.

The trail and its accompanying leaflet were launched by the Sutton Coldfield Civic Society earlier last month. The scheme aims to better inform people about the history of the town as well as drum up business by drawing local residents and tourists to Sutton’s centre.

The new leaflet sets out a walk through the town\'s historic past and is part of Sutton Coldfield’s national Civic Day activities.

Members of the Society, including its Chair Elizabeth Allison and the leaflet\'s illustrator Alan Green, met Andrew Mitchell at Sutton Town Hall where they proceeded to walk the line of route along the trail.

Andrew Mitchell MP said, “This initiative is a great way of further introducing people to the fascinating history of our town. The leaflet is impressively put together and highlights the special character of Sutton. I think it is an excellent idea and a very fitting contribution to the national Civic Day projects.”

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with (L-R) Caroline Stubbs, Jadwiga Thackray, Hazel Pollock, Civic Society Chair Elizabeth Allison, Alan Green (who provided the illustrations for the Town Trail leaflet), Vaughan Fletcher, Roger Stubbs (and Charlie the greyhound).