Message from Andrew Mitchell

8th May 2020

This is my seventh weekly message and it comes ahead of the Prime Minister’s update to the nation on Sunday.

As the lockdown wears on I know that many people are anxious about their economic future and missing their friends and family. I appreciate the feeling that many people want to get back to a sense of normality and many others are worried about easing the restrictions. I am sure the Prime Minister’s message on Sunday will give us clearer details about the path ahead.

Technology may well be one way to help us move forward. NHS COVID-19 is a new contact-tracing app that has been designed and built by the NHS to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. This week it is being tested by NHS and council workers on the Isle of Wight with a view to rolling our more widely once the tests have been completed. There are legitimate civil liberty concerns about this, and they will need to be addressed.

Throughout the lockdown I have been in regular touch with our NHS Trust, with our Police chief, with our West Midlands Mayor and with fellow MPs and Council leaders across our local area. It is important that we work together and create a joined-up approach to tackling the issues facing our community.

I and my team are dealing each day with a wide range of enquiries. We are tackling a large number of individual cases and I continue to raise specific issues with the Government and local bodies.

I know that this is a very stressful time for many individuals and businesses here in the Royal Town. I do hope you have received my mailout for all my constituents which should have dropped through your letterbox. As your MP I am here to help. If you feel I can assist with any concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact by emailing me on