MP visits John Willmott School

8th April 2019
Andrew Mitchell MP visits John Willmott School

High-flying sixth form students from John Willmott had the opportunity to showcase their leadership and personal skills when Sutton Coldfield’s Andrew Mitchell MP and councillor Charlotte Hodivala visited the school this month.

The politicians met with students to discover more about the sixth form’s enterprising LORIC (leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills) enrichment programme which enables the young people to develop their personal skills and knowledge. All year 12 and 13 students take part in a range of workshops across the year in preparation for entering the workplace or moving away to university.

Subjects and activities on offer include creative writing and poetry, debating, and a law workshop where interested students learn about the legal system, a career in law and even have a chance to visit Birmingham Crown Court this month.  

Tracey Peters, headteacher at John Willmott School which is part of the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership family, said: “Our LORIC programme is followed across the whole school and is intended to develop leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative and communication skills in all our students. These attributes have been identified by employers as some of the most valuable for the workplace and at John Willmott we want to develop the whole child and provide a broad and balanced experience that prepares all of our students for what lies ahead.

“The staff offer subjects that they have an interest or expertise in to ensure that we are offering as wide a choice as possible to our sixth form, these are just a small sample from a varied choice and students have the opportunity to sample several workshops and experiences across the year.”

Andrew Mitchell MP said: “This is a novel programme that provides young people with essential ‘real world’ skills and experiences that will serve them well throughout their lives. By preparing students for life beyond school and giving them access to a range of enriching opportunities, we can help them to grow in strength and character. Both Charlotte and I were impressed by the skill set and maturity of these highly capable sixth formers and it is clear that they are already on track to future success.”