Police Station

31st January 2020

Sutton Coldfield residents have 100 days to save the Royal Town’s police station from closure – that’s the message from the Royal Town’s MP Andrew Mitchell.

The police station, which has been the base for the Royal Town’s police since it opened in 1960, has been earmarked for closure this year by the Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson.

The threat of closure comes as Sutton Coldfield residents continue to fund the Police and Crime Commissioner’s spending.

Andrew Mitchell welcomed the commitment to keep the current police station and said:

“It is vital that we act now to save our local Police Station from the threat of closure. It is outrageous that the PCC would want to close our local station while continuing to raise the police precept. We want to see more Police out on the streets and ensure that resources are allocated to the Royal Town and not just Birmingham.

The Government has committed to increasing spending on frontline policing - with 366 more police officers in the West Midlands in 2020/21 alone. There is no justification for reducing our services locally or threating to close our local station.

We have seen our Sutton Coldfield council offices closed, our Town Hall neglected, and our Sutton Register Office abolished. It is unthinkable that our local Police Station could close.”

Photo: Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP with Jay Singh-Sohal, Conservative Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).

Andrew Mitchell MP with Jay Singh-Sohal, PCC Candidate