Private Members’ Bill

19th January 2020

Andrew Mitchell MP has won the right to introduce new legislation in the House of Commons.

The Royal Town’s MP was drawn in a major ballot of several hundred MPs at a special event in Parliament. Andrew can now introduce a Private Members’ Bill in the House of Commons. The draw takes place at the start of every parliamentary session with 20 numbered ballot balls being drawn to indicate successful MPs.

Successful MPs will introduce their Bills on Wednesday, February 5. Andrew will then be able to choose a date from the sitting Fridays scheduled by the Government to introduce his new legislation to the House of Commons.

Andrew is now seeking the views of residents in the Royal Town as he looks to choose from a short list of potential bills.

Andrew Mitchell said: I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce legislation into the House of Commons. I have already received a number of suggested topics from residents and organisations throughout the Royal Town and I would like my constituents to have a direct say over the bill that I will introduce in Parliament. I would like to hear from residents within one week with their views.”

The shortlisted bills are as follows:

  • A Bill to modernise the way in which births and deaths are registered in England and Wales which could save £70m over 10 years and avoid the need for Suttonians to have to travel to Birmingham to register a death.
  • A Bill to devolve further powers to local town councils on an escalating basis (specifically with a view to giving Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council greater autonomy from Birmingham).
  • A Bill to create tighter controls on Britain poaching foreign doctors from the developing world.
  • A Bill to legislate in favour of assisted dying.

Constituents in Sutton Coldfield are invited to submit their comments on the shortlisted bills to Andrew by Thursday 30th January by emailing: with their full name and address.


Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP speaking in the House of Commons, 8 October 2019, N Syria
Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP speaking in the House of Commons, October 2019