The Royal Status of Sutton Coldfield

13th December 2013

Following intense further discussion about Sutton Coldfield’s royal town status a meeting will take place on 6 January 2014 between the Government Minister of State for Cities, the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP, accompanied by Civil Servants from the Cabinet Office and a delegation from Sutton Coldfield led by Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell, Sutton’s MP, and Gary Phelps, Editor of the Sutton Coldfield Observer.

The Sutton Coldfield delegation is likely to be joined by other potential Sutton Coldfield Charter Trustees including the Rt Hon Lord Fowler of Sutton Coldfield and Honorary Alderman David Roy.

The meeting comes as a result of negotiations between Andrew Mitchell and Officials at Buckingham Palace, Officials in the Cabinet Office and representatives of the Garter King of Arms in the House of Lords as well the Director of the College of Arms.

Andrew Mitchell said today “we have made good progress – mostly thanks to the interest and compelling arguments put forward by people throughout Sutton Coldfield who care about this issue and are proud of our royal heritage and history in the town.”

“But we are not yet there and need to be very cautious about over-expectation about what we can achieve. What is certainly true is that the commitment of many in Sutton Coldfield has driven this issue to the Top and we are very determined”.

Andrew Mitchell also said that the campaign waged by the Sutton Coldfield Observer and the support given to the evidence of people throughout the Town by Sutton’s newspaper had been of immense importance in furthering the Campaign which he has led.