Speaking at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall Andrew Mitchell marks 10 years as Sutton’s MP

25th March 2011

Speaking at a packed Annual General Meeting of the Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association held at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall last Friday evening, Andrew Mitchell marked his tenth anniversary as Sutton’s MP and reported on his work in the constituency and Westminster over the past year.

Speaking about the Coalition with the Liberal Democrats Andrew Mitchell said, “We remain Conservatives, we are two distinct Parties, but we’re working together in the national interest. Clearing up the dreadful economic inheritance that Labour left us.

“Nearly a year on, the Conservative-led Government has delivered a referendum lock so British powers remain here and not in Brussels, an immigration cap, a freeze on council tax, more Academies in seven months than Labour managed in seven years, British history – our great island story – being taught again in British schools, welfare reforms ending that benefits culture, and the operational allowance for our servicemen and women doubled.”

Andrew went on to praise Sutton’s 12 Conservative Councillors who have been working hard to on local issues of importance for the town.
During the meeting Hon. Alderman David Roy was elected President of the Conservative Association, Councillor Margaret Waddington JP as Chairman, Mr Meirion Jenkins as Honorary Treasurer, Mrs Liz Wainhouse as Deputy Chairman Membership, Mr David O’Hagan as Deputy Chairman Campaigning, Miss Grace Cross as Chair of the Woman’s Constituency Committee and Mr Patrick Geary as Chair of Conservative Youth.

Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP with Councillors and Officers of the Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association. From L-R: Cllr Malcolm Cornish, Cllr Dennis Birbeck, Cllr Philip Parkin, Cllr Margaret Waddington JP, Hon Ald David Roy OBE, Rt Hon Andrew Mitchell MP, Cllr Alan Rudge, Cllr David Barrie, Cllr James Bird.