Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust

27th January 2020

Andrew Mitchell has thanked the Chairman Andrew Burley and the Trustees of the Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust on behalf of the Royal Town for all the hard work that the Trust does throughout the year.

The charity is an independent grant making charity that traces its roots back to Tudor times in the 1500s. Throughout its long history, it has improved the lives of many generations of Royal Suttonians and provides considerable support for good causes across the Royal Town ranging from supporting the conservation of the environment and Sutton’s cultural heritage to helping individuals in need, whether it be by reason of youth, age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage. 

Chief Executive, Ernie Murray, updated Sutton’s MP on the projects that the Trustees are focusing on this year and what the Trust achieved during 2019. Over the last year, grants made by the Trust to beneficiaries in the Royal Town totalled more than £1.1m with, in particular, education benefitting from awards of £536,000.

Speaking at the annual meeting to thank the trustees and all those who are involved in the work of the charity, Mr Mitchell said how impressed he had been with the work carried out by the Trust and extended Sutton Coldfield’s gratitude, wishing them well with tackling challenges during the coming year.

Visit the charity’s website to find out more about their work in Sutton Coldfield: