Town Centre Planning

10th March 2020

Following discussions with the Royal Sutton Town Council and Birmingham City Council about planning and the development of Sutton’s town centre Andrew Mitchell MP has asked that Birmingham City Council consider a speeded-up planning regime to ensure that the town centre renovation can proceed as swiftly as possible.

Speaking at the Annual General Meeting of the Town’s Conservative Association held on Thursday at Sutton Coldfield Town Hall our MP said “Thanks to a lot of hard work throughout our local community and extensive consultation we are beginning to see valuable plans taking shape which will transform our town centre and make it fit for the future. We must try to ensure that planning procedures are thorough but rapid if at all possible and at a meeting last week with the acting Chief Executive Officer of Birmingham City Council Clive Heaphy, Birmingham City Council agreed to look at this.”

At the Annual General Meeting the Conservatives have elected Ewan Mackey as their President, Chris Ives as their Chairman, David Allan as Deputy Chairman (Campaigning) Dr Nitesh Raut as Deputy Chairman (Membership), Harry Parmar as Honorary Treasurer, Alex Yip as Political Officer and Janet Cairns as Fundraising Officer.

Photograph shows members of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservative Association Management Team, seen here at the AGM on Thursday 5th March.