A View from the House – It’s right to put investment in schools

5th September 2019

As I compose my column for the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer in my Westminster office I am anticipating a tumultuous few weeks ahead.

My main concern is to ensure that the Government acts in the best interest of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield and all who live and work here. Under our new Prime Minister the Government is brimming with new ideas and a positive programme of legislation. While most of the debate on Brexit continues to be hugely divisive I would like to focus this week of all weeks on the positive domestic agenda that the Prime Minister has begun to implement.

Thanks to the hard work of the British people over the last decade, we can afford to spend more on our health services, on our schools and the Police. We can provide additional funding without breaking the rules around what the Government should spend and ensure that we continue to live within our means.

I’m pleased that the Prime Minister has committed to delivering domestic priorities with a renewed focus on better public services, safer streets and higher wages. The Prime Minister has prioritised plans to ensure that people start to see the benefits of the £20 billion in new NHS funding locally and in Good Hope Hospital, in their GP surgeries and local health facilities.

We have also committed to providing schools with an extra £14 billion. Significantly, Ministers have pledged to meet the £4.5 billion requirement for teachers’ pensions from outside the education budget. This means that every penny of the extra £14 billion will go straight to our brilliant local schools and ensure that we deliver the best educational outcomes for Sutton Coldfield’s children. Every single school will receive a real terms funding rise next year. Each secondary school will receive an increased minimum of £5,000 per pupil next year while every primary school will get a minimum of £3,750 from 2020-21 and £4,000 per pupil from 2021-22.

Further education and sixth form colleges like the Royal Sutton College Coldfield College campus will receive £400 million additional funding to train and teach our young people the skills they need for well-paid jobs. They will also get an extra £100m to fund the extra pensions provision which this year they had to fund from existing budgets.

Now more than ever we need a decisive Prime Minister with a constructive domestic agenda and I’m delighted that the Prime Minister has made such a positive start to his premiership.