A View from the House - Boris Johnson, our new Prime Minister

24th July 2019

Our new Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party must above all achieve 2 key results: first he must ensure we leave the EU and second save the country from a left-wing Marx inspired government.

Here is why Boris Johnson is the right man on both counts: -

The deep divisions throughout all parts of the United Kingdom and the huge diminution in influence and respect in which we are held internationally stems directly from the lack of grip and general paralysis of the Government over the past 3 years. What is now required is determination to deliver on the Referendum’s democratic mandate with clarity and decisiveness. We need a Leader whose heart & head believe in Britain’s departure from the EU.

Once the decision of the Referendum has been implemented the country can begin to recover and look to the future. Our new leader will need to face down the false allure of Jeremy Corbyn as well as the strong alternative posed by the resurgent Lib Dems under their new Leader Jo Swinson. Having ended the split on the right of British politics by delivering Brexit, we need to ensure that a centrist socially liberal Conservative Party reflects the values of today.

We also badly need to be cheered up! Once again Boris is the man to do this.

It is worth remembering, his period as London Mayor was so successful that he was re-elected for a further term whilst the Conservative Party was tracking 17% below Labour in the polls. He built more houses than the 100,000 he promised. He cut crime; he reduced youth unemployment. He championed the London Living Wage and vigorously recruited companies to support it.

Throughout this Leadership Campaign I have seen Boris interacting with Conservative members of all ages and backgrounds – including in a meeting in Royal Sutton Coldfield, where 400 of our members turned up to hear his message and overwhelmingly offer their support. He spoke about his plans to promote our great public services, his desire to take less in tax off hard working citizens; his commitment to an outward looking Britain supporting the values and causes which have won our

country admiration and respect all around the world. Audiences have departed uplifted – their enthusiasm restored and their hopes lifted. I hope he will now have the chance to do that for the entire country as our new Prime Minister.