Westminster Column

11th May 2016

First of all let me open my column by congratulating all those who were successfully elected in last week’s local elections; the four Councillors elected to Birmingham City Council and the 24 Councillors elected to the newly formed Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council. I would also like to commiserate with those who were unsuccessful on this occasion. Having lost a number of elections myself I know only too well how they feel!

I am obviously delighted that 18 of the 24 newly elected Town Councillors are Conservative, most of whom have never served in elected office before. They bring new blood both to the Royal Sutton Coldfield Conservatives and most especially to our new Town Council.

May I also congratulate the two Labour and four Independent Town Councillors who were elected at the same time. The new Town Council in Sutton Coldfield is an exciting development and I very much look forward to working with all Town Councillors of whatever political hue.

I hope now that it has been elected, the Town Council will find that party politics plays a less dominant role than in other elected assemblies.

We all want to see our new local Council win respect and admiration throughout Sutton Coldfield and see that they are able to deliver services which offer good value for money. Above all I hope that in due course the Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council will replace Birmingham City Council in many of the local services they provide and the duties they shoulder. I have always believed that Government at any level should be as close as possible to those they serve.

As Royal Sutton Coldfield’s MP I very much look forward to working with and supporting our new Town Council and helping in any way that I can. Once again I extend my congratulations to all those who were elected and wish them well with their new duties and responsibilities.