Westminster Column - Sutton Coldfield Community Directory

26th March 2018

May I wish all of my Royal Town constituents and readers of the Royal Sutton Coldfield Observer a peaceful and happy Easter. My annual report should have been delivered to you this week by the Royal Mail (at no cost to taxpayers), so if you have not received a copy please do let me know at andrew.mitchell.mp@parliament.uk and I will make sure a copy is sent to you.



I have always admired the tireless efforts of Sutton’s residents to help others, be it through fundraising for charity events or running civic groups, and even after 18 years as the Town’s MP, I am still staggered by the huge amount of hard work that Royal Suttonians undertake for the benefit of others.


There has always been a great deal of activity and events from Sutton’s many charities and civic groups, some of which I have a close relationship with as the local Member of Parliament. The contribution our local charities make to our society is hard to overstate – championing, collaborating and campaigning in order to improve and enrich the lives of our fsssellow citizens.

There is no doubt that life can be tough sometimes - whether it be through an illness, eviction, loss of a loved one or unemployment. Yet, finding the right sort of help can be daunting especially if you are already dispirited.

That is why it gives me great pleasure to inform my constituents that the Royal Sutton Coldfield Community Directory has now been launched. It is a free and accessible online resource offering local residents access to information on social care, health, wellbeing and advice services in the Royal Town.

The Directory also offers organisations and individuals the opportunity to publish information about the services they operate in Royal Sutton Coldfield, how these can be accessed, in what quantities, where, when and by whom.

As Sutton’s MP, I want to thank the voluntary organisation ‘Here to Help Together’ and our very own Royal Sutton Coldfield Town Council who worked so hard to make this all possible.

You can access the Community Directory online at www.schtht.co.uk and printed copies are available at most GP Surgeries and various other public places. If you need help, or know someone who does, the Directory could direct you to support you may find very helpful indeed.