Salus Fatigue Foundation

29th September 2017

Andrew Mitchell MP and Councilor Ewan Mackey recently visited the Salus Fatigue Foundation, a local charity which supports those in Royal Sutton Coldfield affected by chronic fatigue syndrome and related conditions.

The condition, which can cause extreme exhaustion, constant chronic pain, short-term memory loss, recurring infections, depression and anxiety, is said to affect an estimated 4000 people in the Birmingham area. A further 9,300 people in the UK will be diagnosed annually.

Linda Jones, the founder, sees raising awareness as one of the most important aims of the charity. By helping the public understand and identify the symptoms at an early and more manageable stage, she hopes to prevent its onset. The organisation offers activities, workshops, and support groups, provided by qualified therapists and trainers, in the Royal Town and beyond.

The Salus Fatigue Foundation has been made possible by a £33,000 grant from Sutton Coldfield Charitable Trust and over £300,000 continuation funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

Mr Mitchell said, "It is crucial that those suffering from this horrible and debilitating condition get the support they need. While I understand that there is currently no cure for chronic fatigue syndrome, I am aware that these treatments may help ease symptoms and I therefore welcome and encourage the work of the Salus Fatigue Foundation".

To find more about how they can help, visit their website: or search for Salus Fatigue Foundation on Facebook.

Andrew Mitchell MP visits the Salus Fatigue Foundation.