15 December 2023
MP meets with Chief Executive of Birmingham City Council

Andrew Mitchell also visited Birmingham City Council this morning to meet with the Chief Executive, Deborah Cadman, and the Director of Intervention Response, Rishi Shori. The senior officers of course work with this council administration which has done such damage to and broken Birmingham City Council’s finances. They also work with The Commissioners which the government have put in to run Birmingham council to try to sort it out.

Andrew said:

“Apart from a discussion about the future structure of council services and the need for serious devolution of services, we also discussed the Midland Lodge in the park which has gone to rack and ruin under Birmingham’s ownership and also our park where I am very concerned about the administrations delay in managing to take sensible decisions about its future.

“I shall be reporting back to you in more detail early in the new year I also made clear that I do not expect to see the council’s financial failure billed to my constituents council tax . Assets must be sold off by the council which owns more assets which are not necessary for its proper functioning than any other local authority in the country.”

This week Birmingham Live published an article illustrating the extent of the financial mess Birmingham City Council is in, which you can read here:


Photo: Andrew Mitchell MP meets Deborah Cadman, the Chief Executive, and ad Rishi Shori, Director of Intervention Response at BCC