3 November 2023
Visit to treatment works in Minworth

Andrew Mitchell visits the Severn Trent Minworth sewage works following a number of complaints from constituents in Minworth about unpleasant smells.

Andrew was accompanied by Minworth Birmingham City Councillor Ken Wood and our local Town Councillor and former Royal Town Mayor Terry Wood so that together they could see how the can help our Minworth based constituents address this problem.

Andrew said:

“The first thing I noticed that has taken place in the 5 years since I last visited was the large amount of investment which has gone into this very important plant which serves around 2 million people in our local area.

“It would appear that the offending smell of a fishy nature may have been caused by part of a process which goes on during treatment.

Our councillors and I are pleased to report this is now being addressed in order to diminish the smell for the future. I hope this will indeed now be the case and those who contacted me will see an improvement.”